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National Transitional CouncilFrench TV  EDITApr 18, 2020Leave a commentSUPREME COURTThursday January 16, 2020Milan trial, full reportStatus report of an assembly of constituted Frenchin the “Popular Public Ministry”ANDProposal for an action that offers a transition to a new onemanagement model for human societies throughcreation of a legal corpus in favor of the LAW OF THE PEOPLESELECTED DEFINITIONS RELATING TO CONCEPTSOF ”PEOPLE” – “NATION” – “STATE”The word “PEOPLE” characterizes a group of human beingsthat they have in common a language, a culture, a heritagehistorical, capable of constituting a state, in order to guarantee

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its own sustainability and its international representation inthe concert of nations.The word “STATE” characterizes the structural organism thatguarantees the management of public goods and services and therepresentation of the nation (through the government andinstitutions).The word “NATION” characterizes a singular entity thatIt is formed by the inseparable group of the sovereign people andthe State, which is a direct emanation of its will toorganization and action.PreambleThe State being an emanation of the will of the people, fordefinition is perpetually subject to the sovereignty of this”This sovereignty is legally expressed in French law inthe entire Declaration of the Rights of Man and theCitizen, notified more precisely by its preamble and thearticles 3, 6, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16; a confirmed sovereigntyin international law, by articles 1 and 2 of the covenantof the UN that stipulates that “peoples have the right to

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dispose of themselves ”.Provisions that are reinforced in positive law byvarious resolutions of the General Assembly of NationsUnited.POPULAR LAWThe state being an emanation of the people, it is naturallythis, for the largest number of its individuals, the one that mustwrite all the rules of institution and operation thatthey form the constitutional block.When this obvious and natural principle is not respected, which is soinalienable as inalienable, the rights of people andindividual rights are in danger of being violated andsovereignty mocks.In France, the constitutional norm, established by the basesfundamental that are the “Declaration of the rights ofman and the citizen ”and the“ Preamble of 1946 ”, began to beraped by Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy who arrived, thanks to theactive complicity of the deputies and senators gathered in theVersailles Congress, to impose on all Frenchmen theLisbon Treaty, although those who drafted it affirm that it is

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a text in all respects identical to that of the“European Constitution” previously rejected by 55% of theFrench!It follows that since December 13, 2007,France no longer has a legitimate government. This opened the doorto an uninterrupted series of legal violations, the mostserious of which are attached. (see appendices)This violation of the sovereign will of the forcesFrench forces the creation of a Public MinistryPopular, under the auspices of the National Transitional Councilproclaimed on June 18, 2015 in France to compensate theabsence of a legitimate government.The urgency of the situation forced this National Council ofFrance’s transition to organizing in Milan, and not in thenational territory where this would have been impossible, ajudgment to assess the extent of damage inflicted on ourcountry and institute the creation of a Supreme People’s Court.This Supreme Court thus becomes the only bodylegitimate allowing the French people to be legallyrepresented before national and international organizations.

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Considering the obvious betrayal of the French people by thecurrent illegitimate government, this Prosecutor concludes:• That Mr. Macron cannot be charged with a discharge crimetreason due to the constitutional illegitimacy of theoffice, before your choice.• On the other hand, that he is accused:⁃ of usurpation of functions,⁃ treason to social, cultural and military interestsof the nation,⁃ of scams and complicity with economic interestsprivate and foreign,⁃ Organizational prevarication by appointment to rankof Minister of Health of an industry representativepharmaceutical⁃ having put France in extreme dangerimmediately that could lead to the dislocation of the country,after having created, for all the harmful actions of thegovernment, a strong social degradation of the Nation and aPauperization of the people whom the latter believed

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forgotten forever.⁃ Also be guilty of a crime against Humanity, bycompel parents to accept the injection of 11 by lawimmunizations to their newborns, including procedureslegal in case of rejection; and to attack mental healthof children by imposing a so-called national education butperverse, by these means to question the right morefundamental of human civilization, the right ofparents.• Mr. Macron is primarily responsible for the situationcurrent, which is getting closer every day to a dramatic loss ofcontrol of the country’s leadership and its safeguarding. Depends onthis Ministry use exceptional measures to restore arule of law.⁃ The first of these provisional measures is your arrest andpreventive detention, during which they will take placeinvestigations diligently in order to establish theall the criminal acts that will be attributable to him.⁃ At the same time, this Popular Public Ministry recommendsthe immediate divestment of ministerial postsoccupied by Mr. Edouard Philippe, Mr. Christophe

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Castaner, Mrs. Agnès Buzyn, Mrs. Nicole Belloubet and theirimmediate arrest.This Popular Prosecutor deduces that:The consequence of the “Right of peoples toself-determination ”recognized by the UN and, therefore,exercise its sovereignty, requires the creation of an organsuperior of justice to guarantee their independence andensure that the state functions in accordance with the laws of thevillage.The deplorable current situation would not exist if the powerjudicial would have remained independent as required byfairness of justice, rather than being subject topoliticians like today because the independence of justice isthe essential condition. Respect for human rights.The proven independence of justice is the only bulwarkwhich guarantees full respect for individual rights,notified by the Declaration of Human Rights and theCitizen, and in particular article 6 that imposes theequality of all before the law, which is one of the rulesfundamental that justice imposes without which the concept

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of justice cannot exist.The French gathered at this “Milan Trial” demonstratedthe illegitimacy of the current government and the seriousness of thecriminal violations committed by its main members,the most serious are treason to the interests of France and thecrime against humanity.The natural right of families and their children that hasprevailed for several millennia is sacrificed today inbenefit of the attacks against humanity that constitute- The sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of children deprived ofparental care- The threat made to the parents of being imprisoned in the event ofrefusing to inject vaccines, while the WHO itselfreports anomalies related to the composition ofmany vaccines- The obligation imposed on them to deliver to the State thecustody of their children from 3 years. – Your formal notice to accept the gender theory imposed onthe school.

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During this Milan trial, French volunteers forsave their country and the future generation discovered duringhis investigations, going back to Mr. Pompidou, that allsuccessive governments have always understood more than 80% ofFreemasons.Further researching the members of this sect, tooit was discovered that the main leaders of the institutionsand state companies appointed by these governments alsothey were Freemasons, but with more than 90%.Continuing at the judicial level, it is still 80% of theFreemasons who are involved in the great cases ofscams, money laundering, drugs and drug crimes.Finally, it was also observed that the same is true in allWestern countries under the regime of the republic, ofhence the need for a thorough investigation of this sectduring a full audit of institutionsstate. .As a first conclusion, to restore the rule of lawin France and definitively restore the sovereignty of the peopleas democracy requires, an armed force is neededto arrest the current and former top leaders,

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and above all to proceed with a quick expulsion of members ofhigh rank of Freemasonry of all institutions, inparticular the armed forces and the systemJustice. After which, a firststructure of this “sovereignty of the people” by legal means.CONCLUSIONThe only enduring guarantee of infallible equity is onlyguarantees on the condition that the judicial systempermanently remain under the high and sole authority of theSovereign People.It follows that, therefore, people must have ahigher court of law that constantly monitors thelegitimacy of state actions and be ready topunish any attempt of misuse.This body, a “Supreme People’s Court” locatedhierarchically above the “Council of State” and the”Constitutional Council” will be accessible throughout the territoryby replacing the courts of appeal with“Legitimate courts” composed exclusively of personsattracted among foreigners to public office.Therefore, anyone who sees his righteous threatened will have

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a real legal remedy, anywhere and anytime,protected by a Public Prosecutor. The current courtsthey have prosecutors to defend the interests of politicians andfrom those who finance them, it’s fair that people also haveprosecutors who look out for their interests and work for the goodcommon.SUPREME COURT OF PEOPLEThis “Supreme People’s Court” will be the “Chief of theArmies ”to dispose of the public force that allows theimplementation of their decisions.It will be administered by a Council of Elders of 40 members ofat least 60 years: 27 permanent, each chosen by theircorporation, including the Chief of Defense Staff and asimple soldier, a magistrate and, each time from separate branches,four scientists, two artists, two craftsmen, twoworkers, two officials, two merchants, fourhealth professionals, two journalists, two writers andtwo employees.Organization: these 27 members will meet and decide betweenthem about their own organization; however, in case ofthat a hierarchy be established, the head of the armies

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you can never occupy a position that places you above anothermember.Whenever an intervention seems necessary forpermanent members, they will have to draw among the populationof thirteen additional members before deciding what isA court meeting is necessary.The only function of this Council of Sages will be to organize thisSupreme Court, expedite the necessary investigations andgenerate the necessary sentences, without taking part in themexcept for the organization.The Court itself will be made up of simple peoplerandomly drawn each time the Council of Sages hascalled a trial.The number of these people will be more than 300 to offer abetter representation of the French population. They will be drawnevery time.The Council of Sages will be responsible for providing allthe studies and documents that will have motivated their meeting, andwill be your tool for all further investigationsthat may be necessary.

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THESE SIMPLE MEETINGS WILL BECOME THE SUPREME AUTHORITYOF THE COUNTRY WITH RESPECT TO THE SUBJECT TO BE TREATED.EXTENSION TO “LEGITIMATE COURSES”The replacement of the courts of appeal by courtslegitimate is perhaps the most important aspect of lifesocial for all the inhabitants of the country. In fact, thelarge companies, banks and companies related tostate they commit multiple crimes of all kinds but they are neverpunished simply because the common citizen knows not toYou have the least chance of obtaining justice. For example,banks frequently make “wrong” withdrawals of smallquantities. Many account holders don’t even giveaccount and is a direct benefit to these banks. Whenaccount and claim, most often the bankrefund immediately but it also happens you trykeep funds when they are importantdeceased or disappeared) or who represent largeinterest (often more than 50%) or excessive costs (such asreturn costs of 100 euros for a seizure of 70euros that cannot be executed). These manipulations of everythingtype are even more numerous in companies linked to the state,such as water, gas, electricity, communications, etc. and in

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In any case, obtaining justice is almost impossible!Any confrontation with public services isdoomed to failure beforehand, logic, common sense,morality and justice are completely excluded from the“Regulations”, even when they are illegal or illegitimate, theactions of the forces of the order for several years whatproves daily, and the French no longer have anytrust in a justice that you know corrupted and busy withover 70% for Freemasonry. Current courts of appeal often only serveto reinforce the first unjust sentences and not torestore justice, if only for the amount offiles, which encourages judges to dissuade peopleaccused of to appealIn important cases, professional relationships areflawed by other interests, such as career, transfers,promotions, qualifications, reputation, etc.Another reason for the malfunction is the legal framework inthat magistrates must act, a framework that does not haveaccount the realities of society.The Courts of Justice, intended to replace them,will have as judges ordinary citizens drawn that will haveright to have magistrates investigated and

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present in the same manner as the accused.Thus, the judge who condemns to the maximum every robbery committed and releasesby the same facts to the son of a personality, the one whocondemns a symbolic euro for costs and damages apedophile because he is a mason or politician, the magistrate who”Organize” the file by deleting certain documents orintroducing others that he knows are false, etc. EVERYONEthey can be tried by these legitimate courts.TRUE justice will now be available to everyone,will limit current abuses and gradually bring to powerjudicial to be respectable.The organization of these legitimate courts and their linkswith the Supreme People’s Court they will form part of thepreparation for the establishment of the Supreme Court and,therefore it will be theINTERNATIONAL EXTENSIONThis Supreme Court that represents the authority of the peopleon the State must resort to a “Supreme CourtInternational ”dedicated to the“ people’s right ”, and inparticular to the “right of peoples to have ‘themselves’,the foundation of the United Nations expressed in the covenants 1and 2, reinforced in positive law by several resolutions of

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the United Nations General Assembly.Anyone who cannot obtain justice fromtheir national institutions may declare themselves under the statuteof a “National Transitional Council”, the legal authorityto address this International Court of Peoples “ofaccording to UN standards, therefore 193nations, each of whose peoples could be found in apoint in their history in a situation of oppression similar to that ofof present-day France.ParticipationEach person who approves the creation of a “Supreme Courtof the People ”that guarantees its sovereignty over a State that isonly its emanation, you can express your approval through asignature in the referendum / petition whose link appears in thedescription of this videoThis request will lead to a new meeting of an assemblypopular to decide on the modalities relating to thestructure and powers of this “Supreme People’s Court”,as well as its international response under the auspices of theUN which, under the same conditions, will be the permanent remedy

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for all the peoples of the planet.The translations and appendices of this text appear in thewritten version available on the site www.conseilnational.frThe legal annexReferendum / petition to signTO ALL THE PEOPLENoting that most of the towns in theplanet submit to its government as an “authorityhigher”,France recalls:1) That logic REQUIRES that an emanation of the people beholds naturally and perpetually2) That democracy REQUIRES that the people have a means ofpermanent control of government activities3) That the UN recognize “the right of peoples toself-determination ”, hence the sovereignty that allowscreation of a “National Transitional Council” that canreplace the government at any time, and that of a

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Hierarchical “Supreme Court” above theState, therefore, government and all institutions.France advises:1) The creation of a “Supreme People’s Court”2) That it has a part of the armed forces and atool for direct communication with the public3) That it is placed hierarchically above theState of the government and all institutions4) That it has legitimate courts that replace thecourts of appeal in all courts5) that these legitimate courts have the right to judge andsanction the magistrates = 4666822119286198921 & blogName = COUR + DELETE% C3% 8AME & publishMode = PUBLISH_MODE_BLOGSPOT & navbarType = LIGHT & layoutType = LAYOUTS & searchRoot = https: // & blogLocale = fr & v = 2 & homepageUrl = https: // targetPostID = 933603898597996042 & blogPostOrPageUrl = https: // & vt = -1339149143446226002 & usegapi = 1 & jsh = m% 3B% 2F_% 2Fscs% 2Fapps-static% 2F_% 2Fjs% 2Fk% 2Fam% 3DwQE% 2Fd%3D1% 2Fct% 3Dzgms% 2Frs% 3DAGLTcCPTDTuLWR7sja4SVZzwk63pdRcwkQ% 2Fm%

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3D__features __ # id = navbar-iframe & _gfid = navbar-iframe & parent = https% 3A% 2F% & pfname = & rpctoken = 41415981until  January 16, 2020Email BlogThis! Share onTwitter  Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest8 comments:one.2. Vivien DURIEUX by CAROLI21 January 2020 at07:47 JE SUIS VILE JAUNE, JE SUIS CHARLIE MAGNUS, as thelast descending cousin to the throne of LOUIS I de CHARLESMAGNE of which I am the double, I denounce the time ofCHARLIE MOSSAD under NETHERLANDS and MACRON in business on 7January 2015 organized with MOSSAD the murder ofCHARLIE, to avoid the great march of all Orders,against the MACRON-KONNERY laws, planned march for theThursday, January 22, 2015 and prohibited by the Government.Confessions of a Rothschild, the attack on Charlie Hebdoit’s a MOSSAD conspiracyYOUTUBE.COM where the Government lies to us.Vivien Durieux de Caroli denounces that CHARLIE, BATACLAN andMERAH are NAME auto-attacks:New World Order of MACRON, HOLLAND and SARKOZY, the 3Satanic bricklayers are to be tried on behalf of

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God, Love, Justice and Truth.Reply3.4. Joseph JUND January 21, 2020 at 10:29 pmSincedoes not explicitly mention the Supreme Being there ==> YOUhas failed: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of theHoly Spirit. Reply5.6. Elisabeth DeniseJanuary 22 , 2020 at 5:06am remain perfectly humble, ask for helpthe Masters of Light, because pride has alwayslost Man and has ended civilizationsbut very advancedWould it be too simple to ask for it?Reply7.8. Cold January 29 , 2020 at 2:50 am This comment hasbeen removed by the author.Reply9.10. cold January 29 , 2020 at 2:56 am thanks for yourhard work !!! Sign the petition financially forparticipate in the Milan process! and other checks fromhelp and paypal for our CNTF for all to bringa little water and your time at the mill and everything will be fine 11. (small photocopy steps) in my town if I leave the

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error I will make the rounds but it is necessary that the messageit happens do it but with conscience I give 4 pages is notneed to go straight to the trash 12. objective quality instead of quantity (I put E because inthis male patriarchal matrix removed the E from dictationfeminine is a dictation that you see 13. do not forget that the lamb of the god jesus is sovereign andwe are all (you) without exception a sovereign people !!!!who I am 14. brayeResponderfifteen.16. Corinne March 23 , 2020 at 1:06 am Or sign?Reply17.18. Corinne March 23 , 2020 at 1:06 am Or sign?Reply19.20. Unknown March 23, 2020 at 5:01 pm We will havesuccess because we believe in the victory of good overwrong.Reply Article or moreRecent Previous Article Home Subscribe to:  Post

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comments (Atom)RESOLUTION 2020/1PREAMBLE The French from all walks of life haveformed prosecutors to carry out a general assessment ofthe situation …•Milan trial, full reportStatus report ofan assembly of French constituted in the “MinistryPopular Public ”And Propositi…•RESOLUTION 2020/1PREAMBLE The French of allareas of life have formed prosecutors to carrycarry out a general assessment of the situation…•Origin of the Supreme CourtTHE SUPREME COURT CONCERNEDHUMAN RIGHTS In France, currently, we find inthe upper part of the judicial organization:…Search this blogWho are you ?DEMOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER See myfull profileReport abuseBlog archives

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